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Leadership Lifelines: Prayer, Fasting, and Flexibility

How discipline and commitment prove essential in your leadership ministry.

I learned my greatest flexibility in pastoral and outreach ministry. In actuality, when I remain flexible, I allow the Holy Spirit to be in control. As a Type A personality (and I am Type A in every sense), seemingly, I would be allergic to flexibility. I have to remind myself to relax and calm down, telling myself, “you cannot control that which belongs to God, so let God do what He does.”

There have been times I have created a well-articulated plan for ministry. In my mind, it was flawless. And God laughed at my plans and brought His will to pass. In doing so, what God did was far better than my own plan. A few years ago, I was part of a local ministry for ministry wives and they needed a new leader for the local group. I thought it would be good for me to lead because that’s what I do. They asked everyone to submit their biographies and why they would make a good leader. I received a phone call explaining that because of my background, I was not chosen. A few years later, a similar opportunity presented itself. This time, I did not apply or inquire, but subsequently was asked to consider leading—a God move. This opportunity was far better than the previous. Had I not been flexible, I would have gotten offended and disqualified myself from greater leadership. Flexibility is not our enemy; it can be our best friend.

Prayer, fasting, and flexibility all require discipline. If you want to lead well, discipline yourself in these areas, and commit to making necessary changes. Adopting lifelines, whether a person or a practice, can help you faithfully steward every leadership assignment God may entrust to you. I have learned that prayer, fasting, and flexibility are my superpowers as a leader. For yourself as a leader, finding practical things to help you lead well will always increase your leadership capacity. Discipline yourself and commit to your leadership assignment. Watch how God will use you as a lifeline.

Dr. Domeniek L. Harris is an author, speaker, educator, women's ministry leader, Bible teacher, and founder of By His Side Ministries, a multicultural, interdenominational, and international ministry for ministry wives. She is the new CEO of The National Coalition of Pastors’ Spouses. She and her husband have helped establish When Pastors Pray, a ministry to address the mental health and spiritual needs of those called to the pastorate. She is a co-laborer in pastoral and outreach ministry with her husband, Apostle Brian D. Harris, at Dominion Living Ministries in Memphis, Tennessee.

July16, 2019 at 9:18 AM

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