Leadership Lifelines: Prayer, Fasting, and Flexibility
How discipline and commitment prove essential in your leadership ministry.
Leadership Lifelines: Prayer, Fasting, and Flexibility
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Andy Stanley said, “Leadership is stewardship, and you are accountable,” while speaking to a group of leaders at Catalyst Atlanta in 2006. This quote absolutely resonated with me, because we can forget that as leaders we are responsible for our own leadership. Not ...

Knowing Your Emotional Triggers
Becoming your most emotionally healthy self through personality study.
Knowing Your Emotional Triggers
Image: Maskot/Getty

I remember the scene like it was yesterday. The night before our annual fundraising banquet and auction, the phone rang. The emcee we had worked with for months had come down with the flu. He would not be able to attend the event the next night, let alone rally the crowd to ...

Humor in the Pulpit
Connecting, confronting, and calling people to Spirit-empowered transformation.
Humor in the Pulpit
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Preaching is a radical event. In a world moving at a breakneck pace—where most things involve a screen of some sort, and attention spans max out at 280 characters—preachers stand before a group of people who willingly choose to sit and listen for an extended period ...

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