Healing Waters Bible Study
A resource review

The book:Healing Waters Leader Guide: A Bible Study on Forgiveness, Grace and Second Chances

By Melody Carlson

Published by Abingdon Press

Why I picked up this book:

I have several books come across my desk every day at work. With so many books vying for my attention, a book needs ...

Connecting with Your Team
How to keep the lines of communication open

If you don't connect, you cannot achieve success. When your team cannot hear you, they cannot follow you. They need to see, hear, speak, touch, and experience you as a leader. Send them notes. Listen when they speak. Let them know when they have touched you. Let them see that ...

Team Building: Beyond the Basics, Part 2
It’s not just about finding warm bodies and putting them to work

Far too often, ministry volunteers receive only a skeletal training before they are released to work. For certain roles (making coffee and directing traffic), on-the-job training is more than sufficient. For pastoral care and other people-oriented ministries, there's simply ...

Leader, Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously
Remember, we live by the power of Christ’s perfection

When I was in corporate America, my company's leaders would use fear as an incentive to get the young consultants to work hard. I had attended an orientation session with the top graduates from Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, and MIT, which meant I was surrounded by people who were ...

Leadership Is Relationship
An interview with Executive Director of Renovaré, Rachel Quan

During college, Rachel Quan's spiritual journey was shaped by the book Celebration of Discipline, Richard J. Foster's formative work on the spiritual life. Today Quan serves Renovaré USA—founded by Foster in 1988—as its executive director, bringing with her a wealth of experience ...

Church Leader: Unplugged
Just put down your phone and walk away
Church Leader: Unplugged

Shunda shares the pastorate of a mid-size church in upstate New York. Her responsibilities span preaching, the youth group, evangelism, and community activism. A multi-talented single woman (she sings, plays guitar, writes, and even paints from time to time), Shunda works unending ...

What Are We Teaching Our Young Women?
The church needs to Lean In to the conversation concerning marriage and singleness

The Internet is ablaze with discussions surrounding Sheryl Sandberg's national bestseller, Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead. Early in the book she addresses age-old conversations surrounding women and their choices concerning work and their relationships. She writes, ...

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