Dorothy Greco

Dorothy Greco

Dorothy Littell Greco uses words and images to help folks find transformation through Jesus Christ and see the beauty in everyday life. Her work has appeared in Relevant Magazine, Fullfill Magazine, Gifted for Leadership, Her.meneutics, Christianity Today, Today's Christian Woman, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Yankee Magazine, and many others. She currently lives outside Boston with her husband and two of her three sons. You can follow her via Facebook, find her on Twitter @dorothygreco, or visit her website,

Unresolved Relationship Issues
Recognizing, addressing, and helping others deal with transference.
When Volunteers Disappoint
Work through disappointment and create realistic expectations for your team.
My Biggest Ministry Mistake
Ten leaders weigh in to help others avoid their mishaps.
When Calling Causes Conflict
Many women face opposition in their calling—whether overt, covert, or internal.
Bravely Live Out Your Calling
Joan of Arc is a prophetic witness for us all.
Subtle Discrimination in Churches
Who are you unintentionally leaving out?
Why Avoid Talking about Gender?
It’s more important than our discomfort
Whole-Brain Creativity
Contrary to popular mythology, everyone is an artist
Restoring Fallen Leaders
What a healing response produces
Let the Gospel Be Slow
Recognize how impatience hurts your leadership
Building–and Maintaining–the Temple
Leading and serving should not come at the cost of our own health and well-being
Establishing and Navigating Relational Boundaries
Setting limits is part of caring for yourself and others
Team Building: Beyond the Basics, Part 2
It’s not just about finding warm bodies and putting them to work
Team Building: Beyond the Basics
It’s not just about finding warm bodies and putting them to work
Partnering with God
Personal transformation is always critical for leaders

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