Janelle Alberts

Janelle Alberts

Janelle Alberts is a freelance PR and media relations specialist and has managed communication needs for various clients such as Microsoft, Wells Fargo and UPS. She started her first religious column in 2010 for the Akron Beacon Journal called "The Bible Book Club" and has since written for Atlanta Parent Magazine, Christianity Today's women's online sections and Catholic News Service among others.

Her columns set mainstream, relatable topics alongside Bible characters in funny but substantive ways. You can connect with Janelle at janellealberts@gmail.com.

Don’t Take “No” for an Answer
When God calls, he'll help you find a way to fulfill that calling.
How Churches Benefit from Co-Pastors
One couple’s story of leaning into their unique gifts and callings as they lead together
Lead Me On: When “Dance Moms” Teaches about Trust
God has a much greater mission than demonstrating his greatness
Lead Me On: When Downton Abbey Beckons Us to Begin Again
Nothing compares to knowing someone loves you no matter what
Lead Me On: When Stephen Colbert Says That’s Not Good Enough
Are you measuring against the wrong benchmark?
Lead Me On: When Even J. Lo Doesn’t Like Herself
Moses had the same problem—and so do we
Lead Me On: Brave & Bawling
What happens when we give God a chance to use our relationships to change us?
Lead Me On: Mouthy Mistakes
God gave you a voice–use it
Lead Me On: When Doubt Dominates
When we express our doubts, we’re in faithful company
Lead Me On: For We Who Look Around
Do what is yours to do
Lead Me On: Don’t Be Surprised
When your faith feels weak ... keep the faith anyway.
Lead Me On: Discernment for Dummies
Believing the truth is a team sport
Lead Me On: Dodging Dogma
Like Moses, I must resist the temptation to add my own requirements to God’s
Lead Me On: When Confidence Cracks
So you’re an unlikely vessel for God’s work. So was Rahab.
Please Lead. I Need You.
Mentoring makes a difference, even from afar

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