JoHannah Reardon

JoHannah Reardon

JoHannah Reardon helped plant a church almost 30 years ago with her husband. Since then, she has held numerous leadership positions in the church; currently, she is serving with the Communications Team and leading a Bible study. For almost nine years, she was the managing editor of and now does editorial work for For fun, she loves to write novels, which can be found on her website. Although she's crazy about her work, she has the most fun teasing her husband, annoying her children, and doing anything her grandkids want her to do.

Sabbath Is More than Rest
Everyone wants a break and more time off, but Sabbath offers more.
Lamenting Failure
God is doing something bigger and better than your project.
When You Feel Like You Can Never Do Enough
How to follow a sacrificial Savior without losing yourself in ministry
Religious Freedom Lessons from the Quakers
What a 17th-century woman leader taught me about fighting for freedom—for all
Influence Across Gender Lines
Catherine of Siena is an unlikely example of bold leadership.
We Can't Help Everyone
When it comes to people with mental illness, I have to recognize my limitations.
You’re Not Always Right
We all have biases that affect the way we interpret the Bible.
Lent for Leaders
In our effort to help others observe the season, we can fail to consider what we need.
Four Steps to Form a Personal Support Group
As you minister to others, don't neglect your own need for challenge and encouragement.
Three Lessons for Women in Ministry from Catherine Booth
The co-founder of The Salvation Army lived out her calling and left a lasting legacy.
Three Ways to Simplify Advent
These proactive measures can keep you, and your team, from burning out.
Married in Ministry? Keep Your Sense of Humor
Laughing together makes your marriage sustainable
Back to Basics
What I learned from my husband, who trains pastors in third-world countries
Leading to the Ends of the Earth
How to reach beyond your church by investing within your church
We versus You
Membership makes a church stronger
When Artists and Engineers Collide
Building a team of very different minds
How I Rediscovered Joy
I was so busy serving, I lost sight of God.
Embracing Gay People at Church
Sometimes Christians have trouble acting as we say we will
My Facebook Mentoring Ministry
I found a way to reach out to young people who have drifted from the faith

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