Renee James

Renee James

In her regular job, Renee is the communications director for Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec and the editor of its award-winning magazine LIVE. She's also a regular contributor to Today's Christian Woman.

Prior to that, she scaled mountains at a Convention Baptist church in downtown Toronto where she served as administrative pastor for seven years. While in that role, she transitioned out of 20+ years of media and account directing at one of Canada's largest advertising agencies by stepping down from her associate account director's role and freelancing in the department she once led. She weaned off of the high of managing million-dollar budgets and the adrenalin of high-stakes negotiations by deliberately focusing on how God wanted her to build his house. Obeying his answer led her to pastoring and, finally, to these waters of writing, editing and communications planning.

She's found though, that facing a blank computer screen and blinking cursor with a looming deadline and 1,000 words to craft, holds nothing to the grit and gumption that godly parenting requires. She's mid-life mom to a five-year-old son. In five years, he's taught her more about the profound and rich simplicity of God's heart-love for her than the last 30 years of Bible studies and quiet times.

"Worship was her true home," are the words Renee wants to be remembered by. She sings, plays keyboard and loves to pray. She led worship for 20 years at her Baptist church and currently leads worship in a variety of contexts. She, her son and her entrepreneur/composer-musician husband are in the midst of a grand adventure: obeying God's call to a life of worship and prophetic prayer by leading two-hour prayer/worship sets once a month at churches around Toronto.

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