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3.1 Copyright and Intellectual Property Ownership.

CTI Trademarks, the Content, and other information displayed and posted on, contained in, and/or provided in connection with, the Site and/or the Service are owned by us (collectively, "Our Materials"). Also, third parties have allowed us to post or use their materials and Trademarks on the Site ("Third Party Materials"). We refer to Our Materials and Third Party Materials collectively as the "Materials."

The Intellectual Property Rights of these Materials include the Materials that are displayed on, or contained in, the Site, and/or utilized in conjunction with the Service, together with their design and layout, and elements that are protected by trade dress, trademark, copyright, or other laws. We exclusively own, or have the right to license, all intellectual property and proprietary information and know-how relating to, incorporated within, or associated with the Site, including without limitation the copyright in the Site and all of the Web pages thereof. We maintain all of the web pages as a collective work under the United States copyright laws. By using or accessing the Site or Services you acknowledge and agree:

  • that you have no rights or interest in any Content, Information, Materials, and any other intellectual property or proprietary information and know-how displayed on, relating to, incorporated within, associated with, or used in connection with, the Site and/or the Service, except as expressly set forth in these Terms of Use, and
  • that you will acquire no rights in the foregoing by accessing or using any of the Site an/or any part of the Service.

We reserve all rights that we do not expressly grant to you.

3.2 Copyright Notice

Our Materials contained on the Site are copyrighted materials of Christianity Today International:

Copyright © 2015 Christianity Today International.
3.3 Ownership of Third Party Materials

Third Party Materials are owned, or licensed by the owner thereof, and, where necessary, we use such Third Party Materials with the permission of the owner. Unless we expressly indicate in these Terms of Use, you have no rights or interest in any Third Party Materials. All rights relating to these materials are reserved to their owner.

3.4 Trademarks.

The term "CTI Trademarks" means all names, marks, brands, design marks, slogans, logos, designs, trade dress and trade names that CTI uses as trademarks, trade names or service marks, as displayed on the Site and/or used in connection with the Service. All other trademarks, brand and product names displayed on the Site, and/or used in connection with the Service, are trademarks, trade names or service marks of their respective owners. You agree not to display, use (including co-branding your owns goods or services with CTI Trademarks), remove, or alter CTI Trademarks without our prior written consent, which we may withhold or condition in our sole discretion. You further agree that any use by you, or on your behalf, of CTI Trademarks, and the goodwill associated therewith, shall inure to the benefit of CTI.

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