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The Gift of Worship

A Deeper Spiritual Issue

Really Real Life

Gospel in the Dirt
We're tempted to put on a mask, but Lenten ashes tell the truth of our condition.

Confessions of a Worship Leader

A Woman's Voice


Leadership, the AA Way
Getting real and leading authentically

The Titanic Need for Authentic Leaders
How do you exercise authority without pretending you have it all together?

Giving Grace Away
Hero or thief, I need the power of confession

Let the Gospel Be Slow
Recognize how impatience hurts your leadership

Can I Follow You As I Follow Christ?
People don’t want to hear your words; they want to see your actions

Lead Me On: God Doesn’t Want Our Good Behavior
He sees through the tactics we use to make ourselves look good.

Great Leaders Know How to Handle Their Emotions
But that probably doesn’t mean what you think.

Be Honest: You Don’t Have It All Together
And you don’t have to.

When a Leader Doesn’t Know She’s a Leader
How to develop and encourage the emerging leaders around you

The Problem with Being an Authentic Leader
The delicate balance of authenticity and confidentiality in leadership.

The Extra Job in My Head
How to take a mental break when your mind is filled with reminders of your to-do list

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