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Bible Study and the City

Fear Not the Old Testament
We must embrace and teach the first two-thirds of the Bible

Back to Basics
What I learned from my husband, who trains pastors in third-world countries

Unprepared for the Unchurched
When we’re not ready, new believers slip through the cracks

No Substitute for Scripture
The downside of inviting new Christians to church

Using Your Head, Igniting Your Heart
Teaching others to love God’s Word

Don’t Lose Sight of Scripture
How can we follow Christ if we don’t know how he wants to be followed?

What the Oppressed Can Teach Us About the Bible
The way I read and lead has changed forever.

Take Time to Color
Coloring took my mind off ministry long enough to meet with God.

The Surprising Reason Women Go to Seminary
And what it can teach churches about discipling women.

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