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Responding to Emptiness

Devotional Journey--Day 14

Can We Serve Too Much?

My Dangerous Wonder-Woman Ego

How to Let Your Yes Be Yes, and Your No, No
What trimming, timing, and training have to do with it.

"What You Are Doing Is Not Good"
What Moses and I had to learn.

Hitting the Wall
What to do when you see it closing in

4 Tips for Time Off
Making the most of vacations

And Then There Were None
Three things to do when people leave your small group

The Healthy Leader Quiz
Are you leading from a healthy place? Find out now!

I Quit!
Moving on from ministry

Confessions of an Adrenalin Addict
What I learned in weaning from the rush

Chasing God
I want to live the way David did, pursuing God’s heart

How I Rediscovered Joy
I was so busy serving, I lost sight of God.

What Feeds Your Soul?
4 ways to redefine work as creativity instead of achievement

Lead Me On: When Stephen Colbert Says That’s Not Good Enough
Are you measuring against the wrong benchmark?

Say Goodbye to Leadership Overload
And say hello to the right priorities

All Things to All People?
We can’t keep everyone happy, and it’s torture to try

My Burnout Led to a Breakthrough
A difficult family situation led me to my true calling.

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