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Redefining Singles Ministry

Work Is a Sacred Trust

The Society Page

Engaging in 'Sustained Dialogue'

The Surprising Cure for Lonely Leaders
How solitude fills us

Is Women- or Men-Only Ever Okay?

When Men- and Women-Only IS Okay

"God, Rock The Summit"

Easily Distracted

What's Your Story?

Why the Church Needs to Teach about Body Image
A five-day church fast revealed a different hunger.

Facebook Pages vs. Groups
Two ways to keep your church connected

What Happens When You Don’t Serve Fluff on a Platter
Lessons learned from the first year of a women’s mentoring ministry

5 Things I’ve Learned in Ministry
Rookie year reflections

Every Need Is Not a Call
Focusing on the right community ministry

Lonely Leadership
Community’s not just a good idea—it’s essential!

Collaborative Leadership
Even on the narrow way, there is room for people walking side by side.

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