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What's Revealed in the Process

A Deeper Spiritual Issue

My Night with Dennis Quaid

Food for Thought - Mar 10 2008

Positively Stressed

The Woman Who Got It Right

Seeking More of God

Control Freaky

Disarming for Jesus

The Fragrance of Leadership
Is your influence inviting?

We Can’t All Be Beth
I’m called to oversee the corner of influence God has given me

Lead Me On: Mouthy Mistakes
God gave you a voice–use it

When a Leader Doesn’t Know She’s a Leader
How to develop and encourage the emerging leaders around you

Sister, You Are Not a Mistake
The church needs you and your gifts.

Four Steps to Form a Personal Support Group
As you minister to others, don't neglect your own need for challenge and encouragement.

We're cheering you on as you live your calling.

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