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Leading with Low Expectations

RetroWomen: The Rise of Gender Fundamentalism

When A Woman Finds Her Voice

Catch-Phrase Christians

Disarming for Jesus

The Conservation Conversation

Lost Leaders
Is the church in danger of losing its next generation of women leaders?

Thoughts on C. S. Lewis and Sabotage
Life in God’s kingdom isn’t always glamorous.

Don’t Be a Victim of Your Intellect
I learned I could lead with my strength or be led by the Spirit

All Things to All People?
We can’t keep everyone happy, and it’s torture to try

Lead Me On: I Love Me, I Love Me Not
What we think about ourselves matters

Great Leaders Know How to Handle Their Emotions
But that probably doesn’t mean what you think.

Subtle Discrimination in Churches
Who are you unintentionally leaving out?

Is Having It All Worth Having?
Three practices that help me focus on what matters.

8 Signs You Need to Say “No” More Often
From humorous to too-close-to-home

When Volunteers Disappoint
Work through disappointment and create realistic expectations for your team.

Pariah and Paragon
Women in ministry are often held to two extremes at once.

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