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Working Like Unbelievers

No Doubt?

My New Mantra
So What If It Fails?

Trouble with Authority
You're bound to be tested

Lead Me On: For We Who Look Around
Do what is yours to do

Restoring Fallen Leaders
What a healing response produces

Has Accountability Disappeared from the Church?
It’s no wonder we’ve lost our influence

Rest Is Not an Option
The dangerous effects of our fast-paced lives on ministry

Did I Hear God Right?
Just because you feel like a failure doesn’t mean you weren’t called by God.

Bounce Back After Defeat
Every leader faces failure, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your ministry.

Lamenting Failure
God is doing something bigger and better than your project.

When You Feel Like a Failure
Whether you've truly failed―or you just feel like a failure―the experience can actually be a blessing.

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