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Re-Framing the Feminine

Food for Thought - Apr 7 2008

When Women Cling

Praying Together

What's Your Story?

Can We Serve Too Much?

Three Ways to Kill a Small Group
Avoid these sure-thing saboteurs

Everybody’s Friend, Nobody’s Leader
Women and Relational Leadership

Building Bridges through Mentoring
Creating safe places for learning in community, through diversity, and across generations

Leading Yourself
You can’t keep going on empty

Women and Competition
The ugly truth about female relationships

Establishing and Navigating Relational Boundaries
Setting limits is part of caring for yourself and others

On Taking the New Guy to Lunch
Does camaraderie with a male colleague have to be a landmine?

The Healing Power of Small Groups
We need friendship, and friendship happens on purpose

Six Tips to Stay in Ministry for the Long Haul
In my 15 years of ministry, I've seen too many women come and go.

Ministry Is a Team Sport
Though my instinct is to isolate, I’m learning to let others carry me.

Please Don’t Make Me Feel Used
Crossing the line between friendship and ministry

No More Frenemies in Ministry
Rather than see other women leaders as competition, we can serve as advocates and allies for one another.

Band of Sisters
How I moved from a lone ranger to intentionally amplifying the work of other women leaders

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