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In Memory of Ruth Bell Graham

Impasse to Action

The Antidote for Darkness

Learning Curves


The Word of the Lord

Why God Created Women

Living Fearlessly

Does Ministry Kill Marriage?

Tiresome, Taxing, and Toxic Situations in Ministry
To deal with trouble, determine what kind of circumstances you are in

The Surprising and Beautiful Solution for a Dying New Jersey Church
An interview with Judy Broker, Pastor of Friends to Friends Community Church

No Turning Back
Like Daniel, follow God regardless of who’s following you

Don’t Be Okay with Quitting
How to get in touch with your inner Navy SEAL

When It’s Time to Quit
“Finish what you start” isn’t always good advice.

Make a Difference for the Kingdom
Whether or not your name eventually appears in history books, we’re all called to do our part.

Diminish the Power of Negative Circumstances
Take control of your circumstances by changing your mindset.

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