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Juggling Casseroles and a Calling

A Pink Flamingo in a Sea of Blue Herons
One woman in preaching class

How Did Jesus Teach?
The answer helps me keep my ambition in check

Before You Open Your Mouth
10 tips for “pre-public speaking”

Why Do People Only Notice My Clothes?
The reason we get more compliments on our clothing than our sermons

Troublesome Women Preachers
We join a long legacy of prophetic witness to the gospel.

Three Lessons for Women in Ministry from Catherine Booth
The co-founder of The Salvation Army lived out her calling and left a lasting legacy.

You’re Not Always Right
We all have biases that affect the way we interpret the Bible.

Preaching in the Midst of Tragedy
In four years of pastoral ministry, I’ve had to preach through four national tragedies.

The Vulnerable Act of Public Speaking
Find your voice—and keep it.

Tell a Good Story When You Preach
How to teach in a way that connects, compels, and builds trust.

Preaching Grace Rather Than To-Do Lists
When we share five ways to be a better parent, what are we communicating about the gospel?

How to Teach the Bible So Others Understand
Whether you’re teaching about God’s love or sovereignty, these four steps will prepare you to teach.

Female Insights into the Christmas Story
Women bring unique perspectives when they teach the Word of God.

How to Prepare for Speaking at a Conference
What I’ve learned from 15 years of speaking at various events.

My Place in the Pulpit
Approaching that giant piece of furniture shook loose all my insecurities, doubts, and fears.

Bearing the Word
Preachers carry on a tradition Mary exemplified.

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