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Apologies That Work

Cannibals in Christendom

Passionate Reconciliation

Food for Thought - May 5 2008

Parting Ways

Bold Forgiveness

Leaning into Thanksgiving Clichés

Praying for Our Prodigals

Spiritual Casualties of Gender Wars

Praying for Prodigals

The Big Dig: Unearthing Need in the Church

The Church Bashing Trend

I Was a Reverse Discriminator
My gender-based policy revealed my spirit of fear

Dealing with Toxic Staff
How I learned to exercise both grace and courage

How to Detox Your Leadership and Fuel Your Growth
Metabolize your leadership experiences

What Did I Expect?
Sometimes ministry feels like one long struggle toward compassion and forgiveness

Why Avoid Talking about Gender?
It’s more important than our discomfort

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