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Minding Your Mind

Working to Serve or Serving the Work?

Becoming Enough

Questions about Sex, Difference, and Leadership

What Our Femininity Means

Born to Follow?

Two of Me

'Lord, Save Me From Myself'

Letting My True Self Lead
My ministry is more powerful when I can be the person God made me to be

Nice Girls Don't Ask
Three thought patterns that keep us from speaking up

Don’t Pretend
We are all screwed up

Who Do You Think You Are?
Knowing and accepting yourself helps you be fully present without pretense

How I Rediscovered Joy
I was so busy serving, I lost sight of God.

The Disillusionment Solution
The One Thing Every Leader Needs

Reclaiming Eve: The Identity & Calling of Women in the Kingdom of God
A Book Review

Identity and Worship Speak into the Life of a Leader
An interview with worship and executive pastor Gail Song Bantum

Whole-Brain Creativity
Contrary to popular mythology, everyone is an artist

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