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The Fragrance of Leadership
Is your influence inviting?

What Happens When You Don’t Serve Fluff on a Platter
Lessons learned from the first year of a women’s mentoring ministry

The “Gender Ghetto” in the Church
In a world of hurt, is fighting for a place at the table worth our time?

Bringing Justice to Bangladesh
How one young leader discovered a piece of God’s heart

Why Strong Women Don’t Get Respect
It starts with what we say about ourselves

How Women Are Uniquely Gifted for Leadership
We are specially equipped for ministry.

The Longings of a New Generation of Women
Understanding why it’s time for a change

7 Ways Women Sabotage Their Leadership, Part 1
Understanding how we undermine ourselves

7 Ways Women Sabotage Their Leadership, Part 2
Understanding how we undermine ourselves

Mentoring as Discipleship
Through intentional relationships, everyone learns

Rise Up, Part 1
What young women need from their leaders

Rise Up, Part 2
What leaders need from young women

Nice Girls Don't Ask
Three thought patterns that keep us from speaking up

Mentoring and Multiplying
Identifying, training, and equipping leaders

Bossy Older Sisters in the Church
Cultivating and wielding female strength

Making the Most of Your Role
Finding your place in male-led ministry

Please Lead. I Need You.
Mentoring makes a difference, even from afar

How to Empower the Women in Your Church
Start by addressing stereotypes

Out with the Old Women’s Ministry
A new approach to impact women for Jesus

Women and Competition
The ugly truth about female relationships

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