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Comparison Is Stealing Your Joy
Five practical tips to fight back

8 Ways You're Appreciated
We asked male leaders why they're thankful for you.

Choose to Pause and Fill Up
Pausing in a selah with Christ is the catalyst of revival, restoration, and peace.

Getting Past the Lie of Rejection
Five steps you can take to get back on track.

Pastoring the Victims of #MeToo
Four steps your church can take to minister well

How to Make Finding a Mentor Less Awkward
Three shifts in the way I thought about mentoring freed me.

How to Ask a Man to Mentor You
In light of #MeToo, some men are more reluctant than ever to mentor a woman.

There's Something in the Water
How second-generation gender bias makes it difficult for women leaders to thrive

How to Honor Singles in Your Church
Singles need space for grieving and celebration—and the church can offer both.

What Are You Leading People to Expect from Jesus?
God may not be interested in satisfying every one of our desires.

Ministry Marriages
Learn to appreciate each other’s gifts for a healthy ministry and marriage.

My Mixed Feelings about Ordination
How could I know if ordination was the right step for me?

Preparing to Leave a Church You Love
Even when you know it’s time to move on, you’ll likely face mixed emotions.

When the Path to Ministry Is an Obstacle Course
What if the things that seem to get in the way of ministry actually qualify us for it?

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