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The Crazy Dark Days

Dare to Lead from Healing

Leading Confidently

Bad Leaders "R" Us

Three Cheers for Men

Help Moms Embrace God's Mission
When is it the right time to ask moms to expand their sphere of ministry beyond their family into new areas of leadership?

When the Passion Fades
Is this a sign that God wants us to quit?

Sredael Detfig
Who is this elusive contributor?

Nice Girls Don't Ask
Three thought patterns that keep us from speaking up

Making the Most of Your Role
Finding your place in male-led ministry

How to Empower the Women in Your Church
Start by addressing stereotypes

Women and Competition
The ugly truth about female relationships

Confidence Is Key When You Work with All Men
Or any men, for that matter.

We Are Better Together
Co-leadership really can work

6 Ways to Make Sabbath Realistic for Ministry Leaders
Yes, you really can

Listen to the Shepherd
If you're going to follow God, you have to recognize his voice

Engaging Women and Men in Worship
A balanced approach to planning

Why Avoid Talking about Gender?
It’s more important than our discomfort

A Voice for the Sinned-Against, Part 1
Ministry to survivors of sexual abuse

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