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Deciphering the Pennsylvania Gym Shooting

What George Sodini's journal reveals about women and violence.

It seems from his blog that George Sodini had a longstanding anger toward women. The isolated 48-year-old took a gun to a Pittsburgh-area gym last week and opened fire during a fitness class. Three women were killed and nine were injured before Sodini killed himself.

ABC News posted Sodini's online journal, in which he writes about his hatred for his mother and brother, his frustration of "never having spent a weekend with a woman," and executing a "plan" as early as November 2008.

"Thirty million is my rough guesstimate of how many desirable single women there are. A man needs a woman for confidence. He gets a boost on the job, career, with other men, and everywhere else when he knows inside he has someone to spend the night with and who is also a friend," he said. "This type of life I see is a closed world with me specifically and totally excluded."

Sodini also made a list of people and places that angered him. First on the list was the church he attended sporadically for 13 years, Tetelestai Church in Oakmont, Pennsylvania.

"Religion is a waste," Sodini wrote on his blog of Alan "Rick" Knapp, pastor of Tetelestai, a nondenominational church focused on group Bible studies. "But this guy [Knapp] teaches (and convinced me) you can commit mass murder then still go to heaven."

When the Pittsburgh Post-Gazettequestioned Knapp, he said, "The message of the word I preach never reflected such ...

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