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Running in the Shadow of 9/11

Much of my life has been lived in the kinetic shadow of New York City. Last weekend, I owned that city's streets for three hours.

I have loved New York City my whole life. By that I mean since I was a preschooler living across the Hudson in North Bergen, New Jersey. Even from the relative distance of the Jersey Shore, where my family moved when I was 6 and where I've spent most of my days, "the city" has been as prominent a backdrop as the cool green Atlantic. From trips up north to see family, I watched the derided Twin Towers get built. While flying into Newark Liberty International Airport when I lived in California post-9/11, I pondered the void.

It was as a hometown girl that I ran (and walked) the New York City Half-Marathon last Sunday on behalf of the Children's Tumor Foundation (CTF). I love to run and have been doing it since winning ribbons at elementary school field days. Running with CTF's NF Endurance Team for research into a disease that may have contributed to my son Gabriel's death is a particularly rewarding experience. Not only is CTF the world's leading non-government funder of neurofibromatosis ...

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