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The Top 10 Her.meneutics Posts of the Year

2009 was the year of viral dance videos, Christians mired in pageant scandals, reality TV marriages, and church burnout thrown in for good measure.

2009 was also an exciting first year for the CT women's blog! Thanks especially to all our writers, who went the extra mile to stay on top of the news cycle and deliver timely commentary. And many thanks to you, our readers, for leaving what the CT editors consider some of the most thoughtful (and least derogatory) comments of all the CT blogs. If there are topics you'd like to see covered in the coming year, please e-mail blog editors Katelyn Beaty (kbeaty@christianitytoday.com) or Sarah Pulliam Bailey (spulliam@christianitytoday.com).

(10) "Why Do We Love Susan Boyle?" by Sarah Pulliam Bailey // Comments: 19
If you haven't seen the viral video of Susan Boyle yet, take a few minutes to watch it.
It's worth it.

(9) "The Case for Male Circumcision," by Christine A. Scheller // Comments: 114
Why the arguments from sentiment and sexual pleasure don't cut it for me.

(8) "Never Been Kissed," by Susan Wunderink // Comments: 31
The Virgin Lips movement, and shades of 'how far is too far?'

(7) "When Serving Makes You Sick: An Interview with Anne Jackson," by Katelyn Beaty // Comments: 35
Popular blogger Anne Jackson has witnessed hurting church leaders from an early age.

(6) "A Good Man Is Hard to Find," by Ruth Moon // Comments: 83
Early marriage sounds great—as long as there are mature Christian men willing to initiate.

(5) "The Duggars: The Anti-Gosselins," by Laura Leonard // Comments: 27
When reality TV marriage actually works.

(4) "Juanita Bynum Returns to Conference Stage," ...

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