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Miss CA Becomes Ad Spokeswoman for Traditional Marriage

Meanwhile, two pageant directors say they paid for Prejean's breast implants weeks before Miss USA.

Carrie Prejean, praised by conservative Christian groups for her statement on same-sex marriage in the Miss USA beauty pageant, is appearing in a TV ad for the National Organization for Marriage, a Philadelphia nonprofit led by Maggie Gallagher and Princeton University professor Robert George.

Prejean went on the Today show Thursday to defend her decision. "You know what, Matt, I never thought in a million years that this would be happening right now. I was attacked for giving my own opinion on stage at a Miss USA contest. I'm gonna do whatever it takes, Matt, to protect marriage. It's something that's very dear to my heart."

The Senates in both New Hampshire and Maine passed bills this week that would legalize same-sex marriage if the respective House of Representatives approves them. The New England states would become the fifth and sixth in the country to legalize gay marriage.

Meanwhile, two Miss USA pageant directors told celebrity gossip show Access Hollywood Wednesday ...

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