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In the Loop: Christians in Court, Women in the Army, and Writing on Faith

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Rifqa Bary's case returns to court

The case of Rifqa Bary, a teenage girl who fled from Ohio to Florida because she believed her Muslim family would kill her for converting to Christianity, returned to court yesterday. Judge Daniel Dawson ruled that Rifqa can remain in Florida for now, but cannot have contact with the pastor's family with whom she had been staying. Judge Dawson will talk with judges in Ohio to determine where Bary's case belongs ….

Many Christians have rallied around Bary, but in Sunday's St. Petersburg Times, Christian attorney Craig McCarthy outlines why he thinks Christians should support Bary's parents, whom he defended in court from August 10 until September 3. He discusses the implications the case may have for Christian parents; he says, "homeschoolers in particular ought to pause and weigh the power of the state to take your child into foster care against your feelings on this case and whether or not you would wish to be afforded a competent defense should ...

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