April 2011

  • Opinion | Family
    Sin, Grace, and the Royal WeddingSubscriber access only
    What I'll tell my 6-year-old daughter about marriage as we watch the festivities together.
  • Opinion | Sexuality
    Sex Sells - So Does VirginitySubscriber access only
    Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove is being marketed as the embodiment of purity in a sex-saturated culture. Why Christians should be concerned.
  • Opinion | Church
    'Three Cups of Tea,' Three Cups of MeSubscriber access only
    There's ego behind every published fabrication, including Greg Mortenson's, and Christ is its remedy.
  • How Do I Explain Easter to My Children?
    Opinion | Family
    How Do I Explain Easter to My Children?Subscriber access only
    The reality of a human raised from the dead is hard enough for adults to understand, much less kids. But here are some approaches I've taken.
  • Opinion | Sexuality
    A Christian Woman's Midlife CrisisSubscriber access only
    With the guidance of older, wiser mentors, women can face the existential angst of midlife hoping for a new identity in Christ, one stripped of status and comfort.
  • Opinion | Sexuality
    Why I Let My Son Wear PinkSubscriber access only
    The real trouble with the J. Crew ad controversy is not a gay/transgender agenda but our culture's sexualization of children.
  • Opinion | Sexuality
    Obese and BeautifulSubscriber access only
    As the West exports its fat stigma to developing countries, the church might export its welcome embrace to those on all ends of the body mass index.
  • Opinion | Discipleship
    The Praying Artist: God Is My EditorSubscriber access only
    How praying through my work changed me (Part 2).
  • Opinion | Sexuality
    Rethinking the Death PenaltySubscriber access only
    Why recent information has shifted discussion about capital punishment away from debating morality and toward exposing abuse in the criminal justice system.
  • Opinion | Pop Culture
    Navigating the Sea of Electronic MediaSubscriber access only
    How we can foster a family environment that deters sexting, distracted driving, 'Facebook depression.'