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The God of Awkward Virgins

Can he be trusted?

Watching clips from the new TLC series The Virgin Diaries, which debuted Sunday, is a bit like seeing Borat, The Yes Men, or another feature-length "you've been had" films. The show profiles virgins in their late 20s and 30s, most of whom are choosing to save sex—and their first kiss, in one case—for marriage. Debuting as a one-hour special this Sunday, it is casting for future episodes and has already prompted criticism for exploiting its subjects. The subjects kiss awkwardly at the altar, choreograph their first night while swinging and riding teeter-totters at a park, sing songs about abstinence, and discuss "reclaimed virginity" during a backrub chain in one woman's bedroom. Only the virgin by circumstance is shown in adult settings, like a dinner out with friends.

The trailers don't specify why the subjects are still virgins, but it's fair to assume that at least a few of them are waiting because they are Christians. So, if nothing else, The Virgin Diaries is a chance to ...

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