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Doing Authentic Ministry with My Smokin' Hot Bride

A list of the worst ever Christian cliches.

I slipped. My husband and I were asked to take on another church commitment. I was trying to decline graciously. In my e-mail response, I wrote, "We cannot help now, but hopefully in another season." I copied my husband on the e-mail and instantly received a one-word reply:


You see, season is one of many words long ago banned from our vocabulary. But my lapse reminded me how hard it is to resist the lure of the handy cliché.

The trouble with prefabricated words is that they don't require or encourage much thinking. Yes, clichés contain truth; that's why they are used so much. But familiarity can turn even truthful words into vain repetitions.

Church-based clichés are nothing new. In 1719, satirist Jonathan Swift warned in "A Letter to a Young Clergyman Lately Entered Into Holy Orders," against "the folly of using old threadbare phrases."

So I did some brainstorming with many Her.meneutics writers ...

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Posted:July 19, 2011

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