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Guarding Your Marriage without Dissing Women

Women aren't disappearing from the workplace or ministry staff teams. How will married men adjust?

Another day, another high-profile sex scandal. Many Americans yawned when Arnold Schwarzenegger's extramarital activities hit the headlines two weeks ago. By now it's difficult to escape the fatalistic feeling that we've seen it all before and will see it all again, and soon.

To their credit, though, some Christians took the opportunity to discuss practical ways of staying faithful to one's spouse. On his website, Michael Hyatt, chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, wrote a post titled, "What Are You Doing to Protect Your Marriage?" Hyatt listed tips such as investing time and energy in one's marriage, remembering what's at stake, and setting specific boundaries. The boundaries Hyatt sets for himself, which he says "may sound old-fashioned, perhaps even legalistic," are the following:

I will not go out to eat alone with someone of the opposite sex.I will not travel alone with someone of the opposite sex.I will not flirt with someone of the opposite sex.I will speak often and lovingly ...
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