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Are Evangelical Women Primarily Interested in Parenthood?

Maybe many are, but there is so much more to the story. Welcome to Her.meneutics.

Rachel Held Evans is soon to complete her "year of Biblical womanhood," which has included stunts like sleeping outside in a tent during her period and following her "Biblical Woman's Ten Commandments," which include "thou shalt submit to thy husband's will in all things," and "thou shalt not cut thy hair." As part of the project, Evans has also interviewed women who incorporate literal practices from Scripture into their daily lives: conservative Mennonites, a Quiverfull mom, and an orthodox Jewish woman. Evans, who has no children and has even confessed to being afraid of motherhood, noted that while she would not have a child as a part of the experiment, she would be looking for creative ways to mother—which included a weekend spent with "Chip"—a RealCare Baby "infant simulator."

Evans, who has, in recent months, taken on Mark Driscoll and Donald Miller, is embarking on the project for "egalitarian reasons," says a recent Slate article by Ruth Graham. Evans herself says that ...

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