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My Husband's Affair - with the Church

Eileen Button's 'The Waiting Place' describes a marriage complicated by a pastor's overcommitment to his congregation.

We wait for grief to loosen its stranglehold on our hearts. We wait for signs of hope in the Horn of Africa. News that the economy is recovering. The kids to go back to school. The workday to come to a close. To get to the front of the line at the grocery store.

In Oh the Places You'll Go!, Dr. Seuss called life's waiting places "most useless." Eileen Button, author most recently of The Waiting Place, says it's in the "wobbly," in-between times where she finds the love of God. She issues a vital reminder to those who wait that "now - even the most difficult now - isn't forever." And, as a woman whose husband is the senior pastor of a growing congregation, many of Button's "difficult nows" are related to the church.

Button, a newspaper columnist, college professor, and mother of three, is the kind of writer who conspiratorially grabs readers by the arm and leads them into the realities of life behind closed doors and polite smiles. In this book, we stumble into the house with her family after ...

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