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We've Been Duped By Freud on Cross-Gender Friendship: A Response

When married Christians fear people of the opposite sex, they fail to reflect the oneness seen in Scripture.

Last week Her.meneutics writer Sharon Hodde Miller critiqued aspects of evangelical author Dan Brennan's take on friendship between men and women, noting that his approach failed to grapple with the reality of sin. Below is Brennan's response.—The Editors

A heartfelt thank you for the opportunity to respond to Miller, who I agree with on several excellent points.

My heart goes out to singles and their alienation. I also agree with Miller about the objectification of women. And I affirm her warning that any friendship not come between the spousal friendship of husband and wife, the friendship of utmost importance.

Miller's post stirred some visceral responses, some in agreement, some not. There was no consensus, however, on her framing of the issue. With all this impassioned discussion, it's apparent that within the evangelical world the issue of cross-gendered friendships, although controversial, is emerging as an important one, one that I've given significant attention to through my ...

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