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Get Moving, People. What Are You Reading This Summer?

Books for your nightstand, your Kindle, or the side of the pool.

Yes, the end of summer is creeping closer and closer, but there's still time to get a few books read before the season ends.

We urge you to make time to stimulate your brain and keep reading a part of your life. No time? Consider logging off Pinterest or Facebook for a half an hour and all of a sudden, you'll find yourself getting through at least a few pages a day, maybe even more.

Find a comfortable place to curl up with the right book. Starbucks is eating away at your budget? Consider your couch, maybe not the most exotic location ever, but with the right book, you'll find yourself in another world.

Okay, fine, you say. Need some ideas for books to consider? What a coincidence. We've compiled a list of ideas of what we plan to read and what we recommend, from the serious to the silly.

Amy Julia Becker

What Happened to Sophie Wilder, by Christopher Beha (2009) I'm reading What Happened to Sophie Wilder, by Christopher Beha, a novel about a struggling young writer who re-encounters his first ...

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Posted:July 18, 2012

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