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Where Are All the Women Apologists?

Can I get a witness, sisters?

Apologists have a reputation for being obnoxious know-it alls.

I should know. I am one.

An apologist is a person who defends something. I've sat next to apologists for veganism and rode horse-back with apologists for fashion. You might sleep next to someone who's an apologist for a belief you've privately rejected. For example, my husband has been a faithful apologist for the beneficial pleasures of video gaming. Bless his heart.

We all have ideas, beliefs, and rituals we want to defend, ideas we think are better for all people, at all times, and in all places. And we can argue our beliefs with the innocence of doves or the brashness of WWF wrestlers.

Like women wrestlers, women apologists are curiosities.

I didn't grow up wanting to be an apologist. I grew up longing to be a librarian (the thought of all those books still makes my heart skip). But I got sucked in at age 17, when I left my private high school of 500 to become a missionary to the big bad public high school of 2,000. I was crazy ...

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