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The Second Rage of Jerry Sandusky's Victim #1

If he is like me, Aaron Fisher was doubly victimized when his story was dismissed by school authorities.

Known for months only as "Victim 1," the 18-year-old stepped into the light in the aftermath of Jerry Sandusky's conviction and imprisonment of 30 to 60 years, speaking with news media and releasing a book, Silent No More, last week. He has a name: Aaron Fisher. And he has a story.

Years of sexual priming, then abuse by the former Penn State coach. Suicidal thoughts. Summoning courage to finally tell his story, only to be dismissed by school authorities. When his mom, Dawn Daniels, accompanied him to that emotional meeting at school, the school official's response was to say that Jerry had a heart of gold and wouldn't do the things Fisher alleged happened to him in Sandusky's basement from age 12 to 15.

As a sexual abuse victim myself, I understand how Fisher must have felt in that moment in the principal's office. It takes everything within a child or a teen to finally open up the can of dark shame and shed light on the humiliation—only to have a trusted adult undermine, belittle, ...

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