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We’re Not Getting Any Younger

Our culture loves youth and fears age. Here’s what faith has to say.
We’re  Not Getting Any Younger

As I approached my 30th birthday, my cousin assured me, “You’ll be fine.”

My dad said, “You’re not even in the game yet!”

My friend said, “It’s actually kind of nice.”

I didn’t believe any of them. Hitting my third decade was definitely going to make me feel old.

I’m hardly alone in feeling stigmatized. Like many of my peers, I grew up watching the TV show Friends and vividly recall “The One Where They All Turn 30” in which each character, on their birthday, crumbles in disgrace over their lost youth. Friends epitomized the rising cultural belief that life is best lived by the young and beautiful. Shows like New Girl, Gossip Girl, and How I Met Your Mother have since followed suit. They adhere to the Friends standard by depicting groups of independent young people who seem neither to age nor require mentors of any kind.

In this cultural milieu, some of us predictably panic at the prospect of exchanging the “good ...

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