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About Us

Who We Are

CT Women is a vertical within Christianity Today that platforms and develops smart, thoughtful, and theologically minded evangelical women who engage with contemporary issues from a Christian perspective. Our content is written by women for everyone and centered on topics of church, culture, and current affairs. We are defined by our missional commitment to develop content that fosters discipleship and evangelism, engages with the local church and the broader culture, and reflects CT’s vision of “beautiful orthodoxy” and irenic exchange.

Our writers fill a unique content niche by regularly (but not exclusively) covering issues that have historically been overlooked, including women’s leadership in the church, women’s leadership in the marketplace, sexual assault and abuse, gender discrimination, and feminism. Although we occasionally platform men writing on key women’s issues from a uniquely male perspective, we primarily feature content written by women who are addressing a broad audience of readers.

In an effort to mitigate the potential siloing effect of concentrating women in one vertical, we publish in diverse formats—including essays, reports, and interviews—and on diverse topics, including theology, entertainment, and news. Although women can be found regularly in the online and print pages of CT, we provide a dedicated space for female writers to speak their minds in support of CT’s vision to help the church “grow up into the fullness of Christ.”

How to Submit a Query

Begin by familiarizing yourself with our CT Women archives and learning more about our ministry cause, “Beautiful Orthodoxy.” Also spend time reading CT’s general writer’s guidelines.

Email your query and include “CT Women Query” in the subject line. In 200 to 400 words, explain the thesis of your article and the main ideas you plan to explore. Make a case for why your article is timely, culturally relevant, or in some other way a good fit for CT Women. If you plan to draw upon interviews and research, please note that as well.

Include a short bio explaining why you are qualified to write on this subject and noting your previous writing experience. If applicable, include links to previously published work. (Be sure to note any articles published by CT or any of our ministry’s sister publications and sites.)

While we aim to review every query, we cannot respond in detail to every article pitch we receive. If you have not heard back from us in four weeks, please assume that we are unable to use your submission.

The site is edited by Andrea Palpant Dilley. Our archives include articles from CT’s Her.meneutics and Today’s Christian Woman.