About Us

Who We Are

CT Women exists to highlight writing by Christian women. We cover trends, ideas, and leaders that shape how women are living out the gospel in our time.

As a section of Christianity Today, CT Women includes feature stories, interviews, news, profiles, research-based reporting, first-person narratives, book excerpts, and reflective essays by Christian women.

We aim to feature challenging, thought-provoking, and spiritually enriching articles and to engage with issues of particular pertinence to women while avoiding easy narratives about what it means to be a Christian woman.

The site is edited by Andrea Palpant Dilley, Kate Shellnutt, and Kelli B. Trujillo. Meet our team of advisors and editors here. Our archives include articles from CT’s Her.meneutics and Today’s Christian Woman.

How to Write for Us

CT Women articles must be, in some way, uniquely for women and not merely a general audience. Queries and articles submitted for our consideration should be characterized by well-crafted prose, detailed research, thoughtful engagement with broader cultural and theological issues, and biblical fidelity.

In addition, CT Women articles ought to reflect the following core qualities:

  • Beautiful Orthodoxy: articles that are, in all aspects, grounded in and informed by the good, true, and beautiful gospel.
  • Challenge and Engagement: articles that are intellectually stimulating, prompt ongoing consideration and dialogue, engage with areas of tension or controversy, and provide a fresh or unique perspective.
  • Formation: articles that catalyze and invigorate faith integration in all areas of a reader’s life (relationships, work, family, service, ministry, creative expression, and so on).
  • Hope: articles that provide biblical hope and meaningful inspiration, inviting the reader to more fully engage with her calling and kingdom purpose.

Our target readership is made up of deep-thinking, spiritually rich, and culturally engaged Christian women. We aim to serve an ethnically and culturally diverse global audience of readers, representing a variety of life stages and denominational affiliations who find unity in the core tenets of orthodox Christianity.


CT Women articles should be written in a manner and tone that is nuanced, deep, savvy, and intellectually stimulating, aligning naturally with the voice and tone of our flagship publication CT magazine. While we desire to address contentious issues head-on and to promote healthy debate, we also will maintain a posture of humility and graciousness toward those with whom we disagree.


In addition to the guidelines above, keep in mind that we will not publish content that . . .

  • is characterized by advice-giving or tips;
  • is written in a casual voice best befitting a personal blog post;
  • oversimplifies or “tidies up” complex issues;
  • focuses exclusively on a personal experience or opinion while neglecting engagement with broader conversations, trends, or ideas; or
  • reflects clichés or stereotypes about women and gender.
How to Submit a Query

Begin by familiarizing yourself with our CT Women archives and learning more about our ministry cause, “Beautiful Orthodoxy.” In addition to adhering to the specific guidelines for CT Women queries discussed here, also spend time reading CT’s general writer’s guidelines.

Email your query and include “CT Women Query” in the subject line. In 200 to 400 words, explain the hook or thesis of your article and the main ideas you will discuss. Make a case for why your article is timely, culturally relevant, or is in some other way a good fit for CT Women. If you plan to draw upon interviews and research, please note that as well. Above all, be sure to craft your pitch in a manner that clearly demonstrates the qualities noted above.

Include a short bio explaining why you are qualified to write on this subject and noting your previous writing experience. If applicable, include links to previously published work. (Be sure to note any articles published by CT or any of our ministry’s sister publications and sites.)

While we aim to review every query, we cannot respond in detail to every article pitch we receive. If you have not heard back from us in four weeks, please assume that we are unable to use your submission.