How BSF Saved Sandi Patty
In her new book, “The Voice,” the award-winning singer reflects on Bible Study Fellowship’s role in her faith formation.
that they may not know what to do at all times, but they're going to start doing something, like opening their doors to Celebrate Recovery [a Christian-based addiction support program].
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How to Stay Married When You’re Stuck Between Needy Teens and Aging Parents
When my father fell ill, these three tools helped sustain my faith—and my marriage.
While in recovery, he went into sepsis. But he struggled with alcohol while I was growing up, and his addiction left deep scars that followed me into adulthood.
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My Double Life as a Secret AddictSubscriber access only
I was afraid of being found out, but then grace found me.
But addiction is treatable. It's our secrets that keep us ashamed, scared, and sick! I learned that the first step in shattering our secrets is walking through the doors of a recovery group.
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We Lost Our Baby, but We Didn't Want to Lose Our Marriage
Men and women tend to grieve differently; understanding those differences helped us make it through.
While trying to tread the waters of postpartum recovery and infant loss, I became blood pressure, insomnia, changes in appetite (significant increase or decrease), addiction/relapse, and
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Porn: Women Use it TooSubscriber access only
Getting to the root of women’s sexual addictions
Renaud will complete her degree in psychology from Liberty University this spring, with an emphasis on addiction and recovery, and she holds certifications in sexual addiction
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The Secret Lives of Christian Pill AddictsSubscriber access only
Addicts shouldn’t have to hide their recovery from the church.
Deborah Beddoe writes about addiction, recovery, and grace at and is a fundraising and marketing writer for Christian nonprofits.
Christian Counseling in LimboSubscriber access only
Allegations against Mercy Multiplied reveal the range of faith-based approaches to mental health.
a set format meant to aid the young women in the program in their recovery. traumatized clients at greater psychological risk, even pushing them deeper into depression and addiction.
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The Most Difficult Time Of The YearSubscriber access only
10 ways for people in recovery to relieve Christmas anxiety.
"Everyone is sensitive to these holiday challenges, but if you are in active addiction or even addiction recovery, you may feel more sensitive towards them than most," Addiction
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Mindfulness Doesn’t Have to Be All About UsSubscriber access only
Becca Stevens slows down for the sake of service.
Stevens founded and runs a both a residential recovery community for women as well as two small businesses that support women who have survived sexual trafficking and addiction.
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The Secret Women's Porn ProblemSubscriber access only
We may not talk much about women’s addiction to erotica, but it’s happening.
We may not talk much about women's addiction to erotica, but it's happening. Even as Christian groups work to combat our culture's porn addiction, their efforts continue to skew male.
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The Aftermath of AbuseSubscriber access only
Recovering from sexual assault is possible.
Recovery is possible, but it's often a long road to get there. Living with Wounds. “Allowing those feelings to run my life caused me to spiral into drug addiction, depression, suicidal
Opinion | former TCW issue
How to Love a DrunkSubscriber access only
A story of addiction, healing, and grace
How to Love a Drunk. A story of addiction, healing, and grace. Melody Harrison Hanson. Tom felt helpless as he watched my addiction develop over many years.
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Why Reality TV Can’t Handle the Josh Duggar Scandal Subscriber access only
It’s time for ’19 Kids and Counting’ to come to an end.
an episode or season, especially not involving conditions as difficult as abuse, mental illness, and addiction. Recovery takes years of stops and starts, and forgiveness is not a one-time
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When Internet Filters Are Not EnoughSubscriber access only
Because ten is too young to lose your innocence
Steven Luff is the author of Pure Eyes: A Man's Guide to Sexual Integrity and sexual addiction recoveries with XXXchurch. It's more like crystal meth addiction. Just say no.).
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Not Another Celebrity Takedown, PleaseSubscriber access only
When stars make headlines, even Christians are quick to throw stones.
Except that instead of the glory of God, which is for our benefit and his honor, the glory of a human is bound within our fallen nature, carrying with it an addiction to the glorification
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What Your Facebook Updates Say About You, Your Faith, and Your Mental HealthSubscriber access only
New study connects emotional wellbeing with churchy status updates.
And of course, surrender to a "higher power" is the cornerstone of 12-step programs for recovery from addiction—which is itself deeply linked to mental illness and emotional difficulties.
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Minding the Thigh GapSubscriber access only
As digital "thinspiration" fuels our culture's body obsession, the church can offer help.
After 17 years of recovery for my own eating disorder, I recognize how we as Let's not shame those who struggle with eating disorders, depression, or addiction because these diseases
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Confessions of a Lustful Christian WomanSubscriber access only
The first step Christians can take to help women struggling with lust is to acknowledge that they exist.
Marnie C. Ferree, a pioneering missionary for women's sexual addiction recovery, licensed family and marriage therapist and former sexual addict explains: "The most important thing
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Female Sex Addict: Not an OxymoronSubscriber access only
Marnie Ferree's 'No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction' challenges easy assumptions about who gets addicted and why.
Today, alongside her husband of 29 years, Ferree runs Bethesda Workshops, which aims to provide "Christian treatment for sex addiction recovery." Their dramatic story appears in No