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Debunking the 'Homewrecker' Myth after Kristen Stewart's AffairSubscriber access only
There's no such thing as 'the other woman' who acts completely alone.
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Stand By Your Unfaithful Politician Husband?Subscriber access only
Christian politicians Mark Sanford and John Ensign recently confessed to having affairs, but their wives were absent from the press conferences.
Jenny Sanford Offers Forgiveness After Husband's AffairSubscriber access only
In her first post-affair interview, Mark Sanford's wife tells 'Vogue' about learning of her husband's infidelity—and offering forgiveness.
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Schwarzenegger, Strauss-Kahn, and PowerSubscriber access only
Why power is so often spiritual poison.
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Guarding Your Marriage without Dissing WomenSubscriber access only
Women aren't disappearing from the workplace or ministry staff teams. How will married men adjust?
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Anthony Weiner, GnosticSubscriber access only
The embroiled congressman's defense that sexting is not adultery reveals a mind-body dualism long resisted by Christian tradition.
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Iris Robinson, Jesus Loves You More Than You Will KnowSubscriber access only
Speaking grace and truth into Ireland's sex scandal involving a born-again Christian woman.
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Toying with Adultery?Subscriber access only
'Runaway mom' Tiffany Tehan's story reminds us that no one is immune from the temptation of infidelity.
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Adultery: My Genes Made Me Do ItSubscriber access only
Research like the kind in 'For Better: The Science of a Good Marriage' runs the risk of reducing people to brain chemistry and DNA.
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Deliver Us from Social Media TemptationSubscriber access only
Facebook and exes can be a dangerous combination.
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My Dad, the Sinner and SaintSubscriber access only
How I learned to see my father as more than his unfaithful past.
The New Face of InfidelitySubscriber access only
What lures Christians to cheat?
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Your Husband’s Infidelity Is Not Your FaultSubscriber access only
Adultery comes from a greedy heart, not an insufficient wife.