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Your Empty Nest Is God’s Opportunity
Four ways to rethink your post-parenting years in light of the Great Commission.
Recently, I sat with a friend who uttered the tear-filled words, “I am no longer a mother.” She explained that her children had gone to college in different states, her nest was empty, and
How to Do Kids’ Discipleship in the Woods
Creation care does more than conservation. It cultivates faith formation, says A Rocha.
God. That's what wonder is to me. Alongside creation care, you emphasize helping children understand themselves as God's beloved creations. Why
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Love Your Neighbor as Yourself—And Bring Your Kids Along
Raising children to love like Jesus did.
Raising children to love like Jesus did. This, I thought, was what my parents raised me to believe in, and it was something I wanted to pass on to my own children.
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Jan Peterson: My Life as a Pastor’s Wife
Eugene and I spent years serving others. Our giving often multiplied itself in unexpected ways.
They had a blended marriage; each of them had three children. Tragically, Janet was diagnosed with cancer and passed away, leaving David with all those children to care for.
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The Great Commission Starts in Your Backyard
For parents, our most important mission field is closer than we think.
According to a recent Barna report on spiritual conversations in a digital age, children who grow up regularly talking about faith and seeing their parents integrate faith into everyday life
She Shaped Me: 10 Exemplars of Faith
Christian leaders reflect on the women from history who’ve influenced them.
Through the Dohnavur Fellowship she founded, Carmichael rescued children from the prospect of temple prostitution. So beloved by the children she
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My Foster Daughter Was Separated from Her Family at the Border
Caring for someone else’s kid brought heartbreak. But it also drew me closer to God’s kingdom purposes.
Julia* had lived in my home since February, one of the more than 3,000 children separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border since last fall.
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How Christians Can Take the Lead with Paid Family Leave
A new report from the Center for Public Justice offers guiding principles for how church communities, policy makers, and employers can put pro-family beliefs into action.
After 17 years, the first cohort of children raised by these parents is finishing high school, and among the second generation, teen pregnancy is rare.
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What Advent Waiting Means for Singles
In the midst of relational uncertainty, this season invites me to savor God’s goodness.
She prayed for children for years, saw her husband's other wife bear children while her own womb remained empty, and then rejoiced when God eventually gave her a “yes” named
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How Female Missionaries and Evangelists Paved the Way for #MeToo
As we look to the future of women, the past offers a map.
In the 19th and 20th centuries, the people who suffered the most were women, children, and the poor, and in the 21st century, the people who suffer the most are still women, children
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Bonhoeffer: Advent Is Like a Prison Cell
In the midst of Nazi resistance, this Christian martyr offered three models for the season of waiting.
the person who “knows better than anyone what it means to wait for Christ.” As an individual, “she experiences in her own body that God does wonderful things with the children of men
Babies Need Their Moms. But Moms Need Paid Leave.
“Conservatives love my family-first message, but you have to pay for that message,” says researcher.
Erica Komisar is a social worker and psychoanalyst who believes young children are faring worse than they were even 30 years ago. In her practice, “I
God Understands Hard, Thankless Parenting
Mother’s Day is difficult for many. But Scripture portrays a Father who knows our plight.
There's no supportive spouse around to prompt the children into charming displays of appreciation, no one to fête and pamper mom as “queen of the day.” Even “normal mothers
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Has Attachment Theory Made Us Anxious Parents?
How gospel truth and global perspective free us from guilt-inducing expectations.
According to attachment theorists, the quality of the early bond formed between children and their primary caregivers (usually mothers) influences emotional wellbeing for life.
Why Prayer Is Still Public Schools’ Best Hope
The founder of Teachers Who Pray calls public education “America’s biggest mission field.”
“If we do those two things, we will transform the educational experience, especially for children who are from vulnerable families and underserved communities.”.
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When I Lost a Daughter, My Children Lost a Sister
Helping kids heal after sibling loss.
Opinion | Family. When I Lost a Daughter, My Children Lost a Sister. Helping kids heal after sibling loss. Meadow Rue Merrill. Image: Courtesy of Meadow Merrill. Helping children heal.
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Parents: Let Go of Graduation Nostalgia
The end of school invites retrospection. But we have something better to look forward to.
unwritten rule of having a high school senior: Parents are supposed to be sentimental and even fraught, full of regret and given to ponderous rumination about their children growing up.
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Moms Have Always ‘Worked.’ Just Ask the Puritans.
5 things I've learned from an early American vision of the household.
We still want to know: Are working women ruining their children? Are SAHMs missing out on personal fulfillment? 4. Parents are responsible for their children's wellbeing.
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I Sent My Kids to a ‘Better School.’ But Was It the Right Choice?
As a parent, I feel caught between the needs of my children and the needs of my neighbors.
As a parent, I feel caught between the needs of my children and the needs of my neighbors. Did we choose our children over our neighborhoods' children?
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Hiding the Full Truth from Kids Is Often Healthy
As our children come of age, how do we talk about the brutal realities of a broken world?
Opinion | Family. Hiding the Full Truth from Kids Is Often Healthy. As our children come of age, how do we talk about the brutal realities of a broken world?