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Blue-Collar ContentmentSubscriber access only
A parent's lesson from where providence meets the American dream.
Opinion | Pop Culture. Blue-Collar Contentment. A parent's lesson from where providence meets the American dream. Hannah Anderson, guest writer. Image: Rolands Lakis/Flickr.
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Give Thanks for What Others Have That You Don’t
This Thanksgiving, praise God for other people’s blessings—even the ones you wish for.
Praying Together. Her new book, Contentment: Seeing God's Goodness, is a 31-day devotional for Christians seeking to grow in the grace of contentment.
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Blessed Are the Unsatisfied
We often assume that loneliness and dissatisfaction are symptoms of spiritual failure. But what if they’re signs of healthy faith?
you. Give Him all of your heart and put all of your hope and expectation in Him. You can have true contentment and satisfaction in Christ!”. Many people
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Fear of Missing Out Isn't Just a SeasonSubscriber access only
FOMO is real, and it takes on a new dimension at midlife.
Bur when we hustle toward contentment by disregarding our fears of missing out, we ask people to surrender to a fuzzy version of this grace. By ignoring
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Why I’m Happy My Son Married at 20
In a world of hookups and cohabitation, he took a leap—and made an act—of faith.
together. In May 2016, the Huffington Post sifted new research that claims living together provides as much emotional contentment as marriage. Problems
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CT Women’s Top 10 Articles of 2017: Kay Warren, Joni Eareckson Tada, and More
Readers rank the best posts of the year.
His command to love and obey him is a light and easy burden, and I have found more peace, joy, love, and contentment by keeping all of my relationships rightly ordered than I ever did
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Finding My 'True Self' as a Same-Sex Attracted Woman
In my young-adult struggle with sexual identity, both legalistic condemnation and progressive license left me floundering.
church. In the end, both legalistic condemnation and progressive license left me seeking more contentment and completeness than either could offer.
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What We WantSubscriber access only
Why Jen Pollock Michel views desire as a gateway to deepened intimacy with God
It's hard. How does contentment play into all of this? But I'm learning that contentment is like desire in the sense that it is also rooted fundamentally in the knowledge that God is good.
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Why Your Deflated Retirement Dream Might Be God’s Open DoorSubscriber access only
After losing my safety net, I see retirement as meaningful vocation, not permanent vacation.
After losing my safety net, I see retirement as meaningful vocation, not permanent vacation.
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Your Husband Can’t Make You HappySubscriber access only
And that’s the way God designed it.
Pursue Joy. I think of happiness as quite distinct from joy or contentment. Joy looks upward, contentment looks inward, and happiness looks outward.
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What the Hygge Trend Tells Me About True ComfortSubscriber access only
I like warm socks, coffee, and a cozy fire. But real, sustainable self-care involves something unexpected.
This means that only certain pairs of socks or brands of tea (and lots of them) will give you, the unconsoled, the feeling of warmth and contentment that you desire.
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Singleness: My Only Companion
I've never been in a serious relationship despite my desire to one day marry. God is teaching me to hold that desire loosely. 
I've never been in a serious relationship despite my desire to one day marry. God is teaching me to hold that desire loosely.
Partner Content How to Be at Peace and Get What You Want
Fortune 500 CEO Brad Hewitt’s wisdom for moving past our insatiable cravings.
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Freed from the Life I've Always WantedSubscriber access only
How Jesus confronted my "good Christian life"
How Jesus confronted my "good Christian life".
Don’t Call Me Out at Your Wedding for Being SingleSubscriber access only
The church can model a more inclusive community, one that doesn’t divide over marital status.
Use the experience as an opportunity to tell God—and yourself—the truth about how you're struggling. Use it as an opportunity to practice contentment.
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I Love My Kids—That's Why I Tell Them 'No'Subscriber access only
The blogger behind 'We Are THAT Family' shares her advice on combating entitlement.
It's not easy. The beautiful privilege of parenting requires us to say no and exchange their temporary unhappiness for contentment later on. We are consistent. We let them fail.
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Are Unrealistic Expectations Hurting Your Kids?Subscriber access only
Parent with grace, not perfectionism.
Today I can tell you that leaving perfection parenting behind resulted in a sense of freedom and contentment in my relationships with my beautifully created, perfectly imperfect children.
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Let Christmas Be ComplicatedSubscriber access only
We often overlook the tragic backdrop to Jesus' birth.
Gone was the God who did things “for a reason,” the God who, if he called you to a place, would give you a deep contentment, even if circumstances were difficult.
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Ambition: It’s for Women TooSubscriber access only
We’re often forced to choose between devotion and drive. Why?
work and to excel at home. Of course, there will be times in our life with God when we will be invited to practice contentment. To lay aside our dreams
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What Not to Pray for Your ChildrenSubscriber access only
Trusting God when your kids struggle
gives them strength to stand firm. Instead of praying for confidence in how they look, pray for contentment in who they are. Instead of praying for popularity