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School Shooting Survivor: How I Stopped Being AfraidSubscriber access only
Trusting God in an unsafe world.
We're so accustomed to it that we actually promote and encourage careful but faithless living. Thomas Watson, in his book The Art of Divine Contentment, writes:
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Want to Be Happy? Read, and See, Anna KareninaSubscriber access only
Tolstoy's vision of happiness still resonates in a world starving for real contentment.
Opinion | Church. Want to Be Happy? Read, and See, Anna Karenina. Tolstoy's vision of happiness still resonates in a world starving for real contentment. Halee Gray Scott.
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My Daughter, the Mirror, and MeSubscriber access only
What my toddler is teaching me about body image
She modeled, for me, a contentment in her own skin that I want to pass on to my daughter. But if I want Ella to be free in her body, I need to keep choosing freedom for myself.
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God Didn’t Design Us for BusySubscriber access only
Businesswoman Lara Casey talks about finding meaning beyond to-do lists and packed schedules.
Following God's success equation means you always have him there to turn to and ask for guidance when you lose your way. God's way brings freedom, joy, and contentment.
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Single, Christian, and a Child of DivorceSubscriber access only
The church’s role in restoring a healthy view of marriage and family.
While the advice is well meaning, it can get tiring and exacerbate struggles with contentment. Doing everything right doesn't mean things turning out the way we want.
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Duggar Girls Talk Dating, Big Families, and Reality TVSubscriber access only
A Q&A with the oldest sisters of America’s favorite quiverfull clan.
But even before that, realizing that life does not revolve around having a boyfriend or a special significant someone else but finding your contentment and satisfaction in the Lord—that's
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The Debbie Downers of ChristianitySubscriber access only
In a culture of constant discontentment, we struggle to realize that Christ is enough.
As John Ortberg wrote, "All day long we are bombarded with messages that seek to persuade us of two things: that we are (or ought to be) discontented and that contentment is only one
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Asking Too Much of Marriage
We can't expect our spouses to solve all our problems.
Rather than dwelling on singleness, she suggests, "What if we talked about contentment and trusting God with the future?" When we can trust God with our contentment, whether we get
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Thrill of the Chaste: Our Amish Romance FantasiesSubscriber access only
Summer’s hottest titles lure us into dreaming of the simple life.
1 Timothy 6:6 states, "Godliness with contentment is great gain." As Christians, if we are able to be content with what we have, reading Christian Amish fiction can be a good thing.
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Beware of Baby EnvySubscriber access only
Since biblical times, women have struggled to rejoice at another’s pregnancy.
we view others as a measuring stick for God's love to us, we rob ourselves of our participation in their joy," writes Melissa Kruger, author of The Envy of Eve: Finding Contentment in a
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Ignoring Worker Injustice Won't Make It Go AwaySubscriber access only
Taking the source of our shopping seriously.
our decision to consider price alone. Shoppers may also keep in mind the identity and contentment issues we attach to fashion. We live in a culture whose
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The Psychology of HappinessSubscriber access only
Even happiness research struggles to get us to the good life.
treadmill. I hope it looks a little more like Paul's contentment in Philippians 4:12: "I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I
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Our Last-Ditch Summer Reading ListSubscriber access only
If you can fit in just one more book, we recommend one of these.
For searching your own heart: The Envy of Eve: Finding Contentment in a Covetous World by Melissa B. Kruger Coveting is destructive, and it's not just about material stuff.
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Don't Tell Emily Post: Guests Are Paying For Weddings NowSubscriber access only
Have we taken the whole register-for-whatever-you-want thing too far?
This is to be my symphony. I love this picture of contentment and simplicity. It extends much further than a wedding, of course, but is incredibly instructive for a big day.
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Everything I Know About Being a Single Woman I Owe to Liz LemonSubscriber access only
Well, not really.
These goals might be the products of a successful life, but they hardly ensure it. Marriage as "happily ever after?" Coordinated wardrobe as proof of contentment?
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A Real Happily-Ever-After for Babies With Down SyndromeSubscriber access only
Abortion, adoption, and yet again, ignorance over special needs.
typical kids. But data also suggests that the vast majority of families and individuals with Down syndrome live lives of contentment and joy. The priest
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Dear God, Let Me Be 'Skinny' PregnantSubscriber access only
How fat-shaming Kim Kardashian hurts us all.
display. They prompt us to think of pregnancy in terms of shape and appearance, and base our worth and contentment on these external traits. What
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Snap Judgments: Our Societal Obsession With Taking PicturesSubscriber access only
Honoring God in over-captured, over-shared, picture-perfect lives
This internally focused gaze hinders postures of service, gratitude and contentment. In our scramble to obtain that perfect photo, we have glorified the wrong person.
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Let Pastors' Wives Do Their Own ThingSubscriber access only
And please ignore the ones on reality TV.
Big-name pastors with big followings build their own "brands," and this push for success often pressures the pastor to find contentment in how his family looks, acts, and is involved in
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Green with Housing Envy: Bursting the Bubble of Coveting My Neighbor's HomeSubscriber access only
The spiritual key to stop coveting a bigger and better home.
Writer Lisa Jo Baker recently described the way living long-term in what was supposed to be a short-term dwelling "stunted her hospitality and ate away at her contentment." Our groovy