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Delivering a Stillborn Baby Taught Me the Transience of Death
When I found out about my daughter's condition, I felt the destruction of my plans and hopes. But this place of limitation also revealed God’s profound love.
Excerpt | Discipleship. Delivering a Stillborn Baby Taught Me the Transience of Death. “How do you prepare for a birth and a death at once?” I asked a friend one morning in mid-July.
excerpt | Discipleship
Praising God Saves Me In My Pain
In the face of illness, death, and disability, Lamentations gives me a script for how to suffer.
excerpt | Discipleship. Praising God Saves Me In My Pain. In the face of illness, death, and disability, Lamentations gives me a script for how to suffer.
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Bonhoeffer: Advent Is Like a Prison Cell
In the midst of Nazi resistance, this Christian martyr offered three models for the season of waiting.
Celebrating it prepares us to live as people who have made a radical break with the present world of sin and death and are also preparing for the redeemed future that God has already
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God’s Message on ‘Ash Valentine’s Day’: True Love Dies
When the first day of Lent falls on a romantic holiday, love and death meet up.
Opinion | Church. God's Message on 'Ash Valentine's Day': True Love Dies. When the first day of Lent falls on a romantic holiday, love and death meet up.
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The Church Made Vagina Sculptures Long Before Nadia Bolz-Weber
But early Christian yonic art symbolized baptism, not free sex.
right use of our bodies. These early yonic baptismal fonts are not a symbol of sexual liberation but of freedom from and death to sin. They are not a symbol
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Your Plan B Is Still God’s Plan A
What a failed church plant taught me about divine purpose and provision.
But it was the peace of seeing God's faithfulness that he carried with him until his death: “After this, Job lived a hundred and forty years; he saw his children and their children to the
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How Pilgrim’s Progress Helps Us Die
In the midst of churning waters, Hope directs our gaze.
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Joni Eareckson Tada: Why Suicide Is Everybody’s Business
Society’s moral resolve hinges on the interdependence of the sick and the well.
Add to that the number of individuals who have chosen physician- assisted suicide—in 2015, 301 people died under Death with Dignity acts in the states of Oregon and Washington
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Go Ahead. Love That Rom Com.
Rebel Wilson’s latest film reflects the common urge to trash romance. But love stories point us toward a deeper affection for God.
notes, the church celebrates “a love more substantial and costly than we can imagine, a love that's unsentimental yet endlessly passionate, a love that defeated sin and death, that woos
Prison Was My First Pulpit
Linda Barkman was incarcerated after the man she lived with murdered her toddler. But she turned hardship into ministry.
At the end of that day, the man I was living with beat my two-year-old daughter to death. Not only did you lose your daughter, but you were also suddenly going to prison.
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When I Lost a Daughter, My Children Lost a Sister
Helping kids heal after sibling loss.
Their grief compounded my own, and I worried about how Ruth's death would affect them long-term—particularly as Ruth had died in bed with her same-age sister.
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Talking with My Kids About Death
How my husband and I are fumbling through some of the hardest—and holiest—conversations we’ve ever had.
Opinion | Family. Talking with My Kids About Death. Cara Meredith. Image: Shutterstock. Conversations about death have become the weekly norm in our house.
For Christian Women, Persecution Looks Like Rape
Around the globe, female followers of the faith suffer sexual violence, forced marriage, forced abortions, travel bans, and trafficking.
You will die a slow death.” Some women get sold as brides by their families to placate an insurgent group; others as sex slaves to fund a group's own military campaign.
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The Bible’s Best Description of Salvation Is a Phrase We Rarely Use
How Paul points the way to a fresh way of seeing faith.
with him. Paul says that “if we have been united with him in a death like his, we will certainly also be united with him in a resurrection like his” (Rom. 6
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With Sexual Sin, Truth and Mercy Triumph over Judgment
What I've learned from both sides of a hard conversation.
they are.) In his response, Jesus essentially agrees with their theology; He doesn't argue that the adulterous woman didn't sin or that the Law doesn't really prescribe death.
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The Female Martyrs’ #MeToo Message
What happened when early Christian women took a stand.
Christ, defeat him. After the vision, Perpetua said, “I knew that the victory was awaiting me.” Her victory was to be a martyr's bloody death. Blandina and
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Breast Cancer Marred My Picture-Perfect Marriage
How we found God’s mercy as we faced deep division we’d never experienced before.
Her death drew me to Jesus.” The comment from an acquaintance was meant to be an encouragement, but what I heard was, “My friend had to die so I could fall in love with Jesus.” It
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Your Empty Nest Is God’s Opportunity
Four ways to rethink your post-parenting years in light of the Great Commission.
crucifixion. In fact, one of the last things Jesus did before his death was to ensure that his mother was recognized and taken care of (John 19:25–27).
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Weary in the Wilderness?
Pray, and don't give up on people.
Your only hope, Natasha, to remain a good steward, is to embrace your cross and take that downward path we so often talked about; the pathetic path brings death to you, but life to
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Why Song of Solomon Is Key to the Great Commission
Working effectively for Christ requires intimacy with him.
“Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm,” she says, “for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.