How Single Women Help New Moms Make It Through
Their unexpected ministry cuts across life stages.
seasons of a child's life, new parents often struggle to stay connected to church community and other social circles, which leads to isolation and greater risks for depression and anxiety.
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In the Valley of Postpartum DepressionSubscriber access only
Why is it so hard for Christian women to seek help?
In the Valley of Postpartum Depression. And, thankfully, my family will not be left to wonder why I took my own life—because, instead, I found help for my Postpartum Depression (PPD).
What I Needed From the Church During My Depression
3 ways our communities can support mental health.
What I Needed From the Church During My Depression. 3 ways our communities can support mental health. Alicia Cohn. Image: Milos Kreckovic / iStock.
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Living with Bipolar DisorderSubscriber access only
Christian women talk about their challenges.
youth. Then her mood would turn and she would walk through a period of deep depression, which she felt she had to hide from the world around her.
Why Prayer Is Still Public Schools’ Best Hope
The founder of Teachers Who Pray calls public education “America’s biggest mission field.”
I'm praying against the spirit of suicide; I've known too many teachers who've lost students to suicide. So one of my constant prayers is against the spirit of depression.
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Depression: The Church's Best Kept SecretSubscriber access only
Seeing past the stigma
Opinion | former TCW issue. Depression: The Church's Best Kept Secret. Seeing past the stigma. Corrie Cutrer. Here's The Two Types of Depression. Like
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I Grew Up with Black Household Help
How I’m learning to name both the injustice and goodness of my childhood in the South.
Samuel's stories of the Great Depression fascinated me—with only eggs to feed their family, no salt, no butter, no milk—but I didn't stop to reflect on the sorrow that lay behind those
She Shaped Me: 10 Exemplars of Faith
Christian leaders reflect on the women from history who’ve influenced them.
to Lead. In her autobiography, Lee was candid about struggles with depression. Martin says she is struck by “her authenticity in sharing her pain. It would
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Messages from the Edge: Suicide Notes on Social MediaSubscriber access only
How Facebook turns the left-behind into horrified witnesses.
Studies indicate that social media can intensify depression and suicidal behavior, especially among girls. The more we submerge ourselves in the faux
Q&A: Jackie Hill Perry on ‘Bending Myself to Jesus’
A rap artist reflects on her latest album and what it means to walk away from the “vultures of culture.”
this space forever. I may be here for a day, for a year, or even for five years, but at the end of it all, this depression and anxiety is not eternal. What is eternal
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Get Thee a Flawed Wife
A letter of encouragement—and realism—to Christian men considering marriage.
When we marry, we do so understanding that our spouse's fittedness for a particular task will be challenged by sickness, poverty, confusion, depression, childbirth, unemployment
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Joni Eareckson Tada: Why Suicide Is Everybody’s Business
Society’s moral resolve hinges on the interdependence of the sick and the well.
Many of us who have experienced disability or depression (or both) tend to be private people; we would like to be able to make a life or death decision in a vacuum or even at an arms
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God Came to Me in My Cancer
At a time when I should have felt abandoned by God, I experienced what Augustine called “the sweetness.”
inbox and campus mailbox. Strangers pour out their fury at every stage of their own grief. Depression settles on the pages like a fog. A young man writes
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We Lost Our Baby, but We Didn't Want to Lose Our Marriage
Men and women tend to grieve differently; understanding those differences helped us make it through.
We err if we think the obvious expressions of grief like crying, talking with others about sadness, and depression are the only signals that mourning is taking place.
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When I Lost a Daughter, My Children Lost a Sister
Helping kids heal after sibling loss.
But such loss may be hardest on children, Carroll said, with preteens exhibiting higher levels of depression and anxiety and adolescents being more likely to show attention problems
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When Combat Trauma Tests a Marriage
PTSD impacts not just veterans but their spouses and children too. How can the church help military families heal?
Multiple studies have found that spouses of veterans with PTSD can become socially withdrawn or suffer from depression. He was also no stranger to depression or anguish.
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Miscarriage Changed Me
How trauma and loss deepened my understanding of God’s love.
Psychological Association notes that women who experience miscarriage are vulnerable to a whole host of other mental health issues such as postpartum depression, general anxiety
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What the New Midlife Crisis Means for Christian Women
Middle-aged women contending with stress can find solace in this gospel message.
Add to this the real (and yet seldom discussed) phenomenon of perimenopause with its sweatiness, insomnia, and increased susceptibility to depression, and the descriptor de jour
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With Rising Teen Suicides, the Church Cannot Afford Mixed Messages on Mental Health
How ministries can play a role in getting youth the support they need.
Nate McIntyre, an admissions counselor at George Fox University, has been speaking in middle- and high-school groups about his experiences with depression, anxiety, and thoughts
Stay Woke: A Q&A with ‘Faithfully Magazine’
The story behind a new, multiethnic journalistic enterprise.
outlet focusing on minority women in ministry, Faithfully Magazine has since grown to encompass a podcast and print publication that covers everything from depression among African