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With Sexual Sin, Truth and Mercy Triumph over Judgment
What I've learned from both sides of a hard conversation.
What I've learned from both sides of a hard conversation.
Opinion | Sexuality
Finding My 'True Self' as a Same-Sex Attracted Woman
In my young-adult struggle with sexual identity, both legalistic condemnation and progressive license left me floundering.
As Christians debate homosexuality in the context of our current culture, the church—like the rest of our country—is experiencing growing division and is now sharply polarized over an
Opinion | Sexuality
What I Learned from Same-Sex Abuse Inside the Church
My church mishandled my case. Yours doesn’t have to.
My church mishandled my case. Yours doesn't have to.
Opinion | Sexuality
How to Talk to Your Kids About Homosexuality Subscriber access only
Amid quickly changing cultural norms, we need a thoughtful and loving way to engage our children.
Opinion | Sexuality. How to Talk to Your Kids About Homosexuality. Amid quickly changing cultural norms, we need a thoughtful and loving way to engage our children. Corrie Cutrer.
Opinion | Sexuality
How to Evangelize Your LGBT Neighbors
When Christians live communally, outsiders find intimacy within the family of God.
of Ken and Floy Smith. The Smiths took me in. But—I was not converted out of homosexuality. I was converted out of unbelief. Daily Bible reading and
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How to Love Your Ideological Enemy
If hospitality is a model for discipleship, then we need both open doors and clear boundaries.
As Tim Keller points out, if people change their views, for example, about homosexuality once they come to know and love homosexual persons, “those earlier views were likely
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Who’s In Charge of the Christian Blogosphere?
The age of the internet has birthed a crisis of authority, especially for women.
One of the most prominent recent examples of this crisis involves the popular blogger Jen Hatmaker, who last year announced that her views about homosexuality have changed.
'Hillbilly Elegy' Hits Close to Home
What J. D. Vance’s book taught me about my own painful past in rural America.
Nonetheless, a cursory look at my family yields a long list of sins and indiscretions: tax fraud, refusal to pay debts, child pornography, homosexuality, adultery, abandonment
Christian Counseling in LimboSubscriber access only
Allegations against Mercy Multiplied reveal the range of faith-based approaches to mental health.
It makes me think of other organizations that have done and continue to do reparation therapy around homosexuality, that they operate in a similar space where they're not regulated.
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Gay Marriage, Abortion, and the Bigger PictureSubscriber access only
Living out God’s will requires us to look beyond single issues.
rooted in love. As Wesley Hill writes, even if we disagree with the expression of homosexuality, we can affirm the longing to be loved and belong. Yet, what
Opinion | former TCW issue
The Unhappiest Year of My LifeSubscriber access only
The high (and holy) cost of motherhood
“When Your Child Is a Prodigal”—Name Withheld. • “How to Talk to Your Kids About Homosexuality” by Corrie Cutrer. • “Grieving a Lost Pregnancy” by Jaime Patrick.
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Staying Faithful: How Our Sex Lives Matter to GodSubscriber access only
A common-ground theology for single and married Christians.
How does viewing sex as an embodiment of God's faithfulness help us talk about masturbation or homosexuality in ways that enable us live the Bible's sexual ethic?
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Duck Dynasty Wife: The More Christians on Reality TV, the BetterSubscriber access only
How unexpected fame and quirky family has helped Jessica Robertson share her faith.
One of the biggest controversies or tense moments for the show was a little over a year ago when there was that pressure on Phil over his remarks [on homosexuality].
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My Non-Christian Best FriendSubscriber access only
How a pair of interfaith friends acknowledge their differences and still love one another.
loving me instead of badgering me. Courtney: My friendship with Nishta changes the way I think and talk about homosexuality. I recently read on Jen
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The View from the Religious MiddleSubscriber access only
How can we oppose injustice without acting like the sky is falling?
controversial SB1062, which would allow Arizona businesses to refuse services to gay weddings; the rights of businesses to terminate individuals based on their views on homosexuality
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A Christian Response to Gay BullyingSubscriber access only
Christians can defend bullied kids 'and' articulate God's design for human sexuality.
The suicides of teenagers due to bullying, especially over homosexuality, have led to an outcry in the media, fueling many efforts to fight bullying on all fronts.
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A New Role for Women in Southern Baptist AgencySubscriber access only
Trillia Newbell talks gender, race, and her appointment to the ERLC.
There are some issues that are clearly not solely related to women that we should still be addressing, such as immigration laws, homosexuality, and second amendment issues.
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I Am Not Charles Worley: The Plea of a Christian Who Opposes Gay MarriageSubscriber access only
With the long election season looming ahead, I wish fellow Christians would extend a hermeneutic of grace to each other.
It's time to extend a hermeneutic of grace to each other—especially to fellow Christians who still do not favor gay marriage and believe that homosexuality is not God's intent for human
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Chick-Fil-A's Lesson on Loving Your EnemiesSubscriber access only
Step 1: Let your enemies become your friends.
Step 1: Let your enemies become your friends.
Opinion | Sexuality
What the Benedict Papacy Meant for WomenSubscriber access only
Communication is key to the pope's legacy
not welcome female priests, did not support the use of contraceptives, did not pause the church's campaign against abortion, and did not change its stance on homosexuality… same as