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Weary in the Wilderness?
Pray, and don't give up on people.
Your only hope, Natasha, to remain a good steward, is to embrace your cross and take that downward path we so often talked about; the pathetic path brings death to you, but life to
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Imagining a Better Marriage Actually Improved Mine
Rather than living in ongoing resentment, I sensed God calling me to refocus.
This question propelled me in a new direction; it was a reinvigorating discipline for me to intentionally look at our relationship through the lens of hope. Hope in my sock drawer.
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I Grew Up with Black Household Help
How I’m learning to name both the injustice and goodness of my childhood in the South.
We knew the Sunday school story of the Flood as one of triumph and hope—animals, a rainbow, salvation. In the Bible, after the Flood, slowly, hope arrives.
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How Do We Parent Our Kids During This Political Season?Subscriber access only
Twenty women weigh in with their perspectives.
advocate. “We are struggling, but we are not without hope.”. hope. Marlena Graves, author of A Beautiful Disaster: Finding Hope in the Midst of Brokenness.
Beth Moore: I Found God in ‘Deep Valleys and Difficulties’Subscriber access only
The best-selling author and speaker talks about her past and her first-ever work of fiction.
I hope that comes across in the book as not all bad, but just a complete cocktail of sweet and salty, the good and the bad and the ugly all under one roof. It was just pretty messy.
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Stepping Back Before Speaking Out
In solitude, we turn our face toward God who so loves this world.
us unload (as the psalmist did in those ranting psalms, such as Psalm 69 or 109) before helping us remember, as Walter Brueggemann notes, that prophets offer both clarity and hope.
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Find Your Creative Voice
Creativity becomes more than expressing ourselves as we reflect God into the world.
I hope we're all a little like her—still dreaming, still speaking up, still being heard. Not only for ourselves, even though self-expression is a beautiful thing.
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Parents: Let Go of Graduation Nostalgia
The end of school invites retrospection. But we have something better to look forward to.
husband. As I look toward the future with hope, I also want to be realistic about the past and the hardships I experienced while I was raising my kids.
He Makes Everything Beautiful in Its Time—Including Tech
New inventions can harm or heal. Here’s what makes the difference, says author Douglas Estes.
Braving the Future is both a guidebook to help Christians understand the coming innovations and a call for people of faith to speak relevant, grounding, hope-filled truth in a rapidly
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The Grief, Happiness, and Hope of Late-in-Life SinglenessSubscriber access only
What I learned from decades of asking, “Why am I still alone?”
Opinion | Sexuality. The Grief, Happiness, and Hope of Late-in- Life Singleness. What I learned from decades of asking, “Why am I still alone?”. Hope E. Ferguson, guest writer.
Q&A: Jackie Hill Perry on ‘Bending Myself to Jesus’
A rap artist reflects on her latest album and what it means to walk away from the “vultures of culture.”
I hope that she learns so much more about God through me, rather than simply learning things about me. I have to set my hope on what is going to come eventually in eternity.
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The First Female Evangelists
Mary Magdalene and the woman at the well couldn’t help but share their good news.
to them. Marlena Graves is the author of A Beautiful Disaster: Finding Hope in the Midst of Brokenness. Learn more at MarlenaGraves.com. This article
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I Saw Myself in ‘This Is Us’Subscriber access only
The popular new dramedy puts viewers in the messy middle.
I am rooting for Kate. Rooting for her to find hope and redemption and joy. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love” (vv. 12–13).
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Breaking Bread with Broken People Brings Wisdom
Scripture calls us to seek God’s goodness in community, not in private.
church dinners. I have hope that our children will eventually be able to lay claim to it, but my husband and I will always be from Somewhere Else. Besides
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What the Kavanaugh Saga Says About Our View of Sin
Our political loyalties often prevent us from thinking biblically about the human condition.
I hope that when I die, there will be many people who can speak of my character, my contribution to society, and how I was both faithful and fruitful in my life.
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Love Your Neighbor as Yourself—And Bring Your Kids Along
Raising children to love like Jesus did.
says. “Part of the work we do as a family is to encourage each other to extend the sort of belonging we hope to cultivate to the people around us.”. The
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How to Stay Married When You’re Stuck Between Needy Teens and Aging Parents
When my father fell ill, these three tools helped sustain my faith—and my marriage.
Tending to our faith looks different at 50 than it does at 30. Many of us grow weary of noise and restless activity and feel drawn to stillness in the hope of connecting with Jesus.
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We Lost Our Baby, but We Didn't Want to Lose Our Marriage
Men and women tend to grieve differently; understanding those differences helped us make it through.
As time moved on, I was able to connect with other “loss mamas” who were integral in my healing; they were a source of comfort and hope. 4:13)—and what a hope we have in Christ!
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How the Transgender Narrative Perpetuates Stereotypes
The church can offer hope to those who find it hard to love the body they’re in.
The church can offer hope to those who find it hard to love the body they're in. To those who are fractured, the body of Christ offers a place to find hope and restoration.
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How Christians Can Take the Lead with Paid Family Leave
A new report from the Center for Public Justice offers guiding principles for how church communities, policy makers, and employers can put pro-family beliefs into action.
For example, HOPE International, a microfinance nonprofit based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, offers flexible hours to employees who have family commitments at various times of the