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How Christians Can Take the Lead with Paid Family Leave
A new report from the Center for Public Justice offers guiding principles for how church communities, policy makers, and employers can put pro-family beliefs into action.
For example, HOPE International, a microfinance nonprofit based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, offers flexible hours to employees who have family commitments at various times of the
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Why You Can’t Name the Virtues
Our culture has abandoned a wealth of teaching on character formation. Let’s revive these lost arts.
After all, the Bible speaks extensively about virtue. Faith, hope, and love, which Paul writes about in 1 Corinthians 13, are referred to as the theological virtues.
Q&A: We Need a Christ-Centered Theology of Trauma
Therapist Hermeisha Hopson offers a clinically informed, scripturally sound approach to treating #MeToo victims and other survivors.
I just hope that it also creates spaces for people of color to find that courage as well to speak up. Say more. But the hope we have in Christ is that he understands.
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How Mothers (and Others) Minister in Disrupted Spaces
Christ's kingdom work involved detours. Can we follow his model?
Tina Osterhouse lives with her husband and two children on Lake Joy in Carnation, Washington. She writes on faith, culture, and hope at tinaosterhouse.com.
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The Female Martyrs’ #MeToo Message
What happened when early Christian women took a stand.
body. Quite the opposite: Thecla believed that the ascetic life was a fully embodied life that demonstrated the hope of resurrection to a watching world.
God Calls Me to Motherhood and Art. How Do I Do Both?
The cofounder of a new art and vocation institute in South Carolina aims to address the intersection of faith, family, creativity, and calling.
subterranean logic of her multiple callings. What's the significance of the name, and what do you hope to accomplish with the organization? We have a two-part
Rethinking Apologetics for the Black Church
“Black people in the inner city need apologetics, but black people in the suburbs do, too,” says apologist Lisa Fields.
Looking forward, I hope we'll see more reform. I hope Courageous Conversations, too, will be an annual event where we can build bridges in the African American church space.
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How Fiction Fueled Madeleine L’Engle’s Faith
How does a lonely kid understand that she’s loved by God? An author’s childhood holds the answer.
They nourished “the same hunger in me, the hunger for the truth that is beyond fact, the hunger for courage and hope in a difficult world, the hunger for something more than ordinary
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How to Keep Your Friends When Life Happens
Busy moms, long-distance besties, workaholics: There’s hope for you.
How to Keep Your Friends When Life Happens. Busy moms, long-distance besties, workaholics: There's hope for you. Liuan Huska Liuan Huska. Image: mindonfire / Flickr.
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Save Your Soul: Start Gardening
For me, local creation care offers an antidote to cultural chaos.
Berry. “To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope.”. Washington. She writes on faith, culture, and hope at tinaosterhouse.com.
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Confessions of a Christian Prepper
My hope shouldn’t lie in survival skills and stockpiles.
Opinion | Discipleship. Confessions of a Christian Prepper. My hope shouldn't lie in survival skills and stockpiles. Andrea Palpant Dilley Andrea Palpant
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It’s Not My Daughter’s Job to Teach Me About Women
I’m learning how to rightly respect the opposite sex, not because I had a child but because of ongoing encounters with Christ.
men. As believers, then, our great hope is not that we will be changed through a series of daughters training fathers to love and respect their gender.
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4 Ways to Share God’s Love in Summertime
The “Ordinary Time” of summer invites us to give the extraordinary Good News.
Carnation, Washington. She writes on faith, culture, and hope at tinaosterhouse. com. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter at @TinaOsterhouse.
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How Southern Baptist Leaders Aided My Escape from Abuse
Christian men helped me end a violent marriage. Their voices matter now more than ever.
my story for his kingdom. Those two men gave me hope that someday, a change would come to the SBC. That day is today. As I track Patterson's case
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In the Valley of Postpartum DepressionSubscriber access only
Why is it so hard for Christian women to seek help?
God's given. Inside the church, women who suffer with PPD may actually receive correction instead of grace and judgment instead of hope. They often
10 New or Lesser-Known Female Theologians Worth Knowing
More and more evangelical women are pursuing higher education in theology. Here are a few you haven’t heard of yet.
Although these names represent a small fraction of a large and growing pool of noteworthy female theologians, we hope to continue this conversation in the coming years by platforming
Violence Against Women Begins in the Womb
Why female feticide threatens the social order.
Our Christian calling is to be both prophets and healers in a broken world, to hold cultures to account and bring redemptive change, along with hope and restoration to those who have
Why I’ve Spent Half My Life Helping North Korea
Despite political and military tensions in the region, the director of Christian Friends of Korea is committed to medical ministry.
You read Hebrews 11 [where it says “faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see”], and there are many, many examples of how confusing and
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Junk for Jesus
Scripture invites us to give our firstfruits, not our fourthfruits.
It would mean that others could trust in him, too. Jennifer Holmes Curran, along with her husband, co-pastors New Hope Community Church in Shelby, Michigan.
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Hope for More Diverse Conference LineupsSubscriber access only
How our exposure to minority voices can lead to greater shifts in the church.
Opinion | Sexuality. Hope for More Diverse Conference Lineups. How our exposure to minority voices can lead to greater shifts in the church. Natasha